Month: March, 2015

The Right Words to Write | Materialize to turn over new leaf? I don’t think so.

The fundamental objective is to follow through existence and justify our being, and then the idea of accessorizing for a better result barged in. implemented by the frail, to become equal with what they believe is better than what they already are. But these furbishing factors that we believe to be enhancing us are the very issues that brought us into discernment.


The Right Words to Write | Is the Past simply the Past?

Is the past simply the past?
Is that all there is to that matter?

Happy moments infused unto our skin that sooner delivers pleasure, like masochists ignoring the pain. Or sad recollections integrated within our mind, that brings forth memories too painful to endure. Memories implanted unto our brains weather good or bad, fun, amusing or annoying, the hurt, regrets and pain, leaving a hole in you.

And what comes after are values learned. But what do they bring us these days? Did it incorporate its bearing on us? What are we now? Are these present characteristics of ours, mere fragments of our previous lives? Is it what we resolve to be? Or is it what our history has made of us? Have we positively gained from it? Or have we been misled? Are we now bound for greatness or destruction? Manifestations will soon reveal themselves.

Has the present completely obliterated the past? Or is it by the will of the past that we move forward unto the future? regardless of what we might stumble upon. Did it make its toll upon us, or did we just fell into its never ending cycle that we refer to as “history repeats itself”?

On the other hand, did it even occur to us that maybe, just maybe, that we are the past? That we are the memories that linger within these shallow halls, unconsciously wanting to be part of something greater than us, such as the future or the present.

Could it be that whenever we assume that we are two steps, three steps ahead, that is the time where we fall four steps, five steps behind?

Aren’t we the ones who were forgotten? The ones left to remain, that serves as the pain, the sorrow, the happiness, and the joy that kept the present alive or happy every time someone somewhere reminisces. Are we the ones who will keep the future free from stumbling upon whatever mistakes we have done?

The past makes us wander off into a daze, where all feelings from before becomes present, and prepares us for the future. So is the past simply the past? Or is it, or was, our gateway to an improved future?

The Right Words to Write | Addiction at its finest

There is a great probability that I would not be able to get over this obsession that has deeply manifested in me.
My whole being is conquered by its core purpose.
It has caused me to undergo change.

And the truth is, I like this.
I’m not going to let this fade.
It has brought me to a phase unlike any other.
a place where I can be myself, and never have to worry about pleasing or submitting to the norms that the society has incorporated upon us all.

I indulge in its light that never ceases to brighten up almost everything.
It is as gentle as the river’s tide that flows with such grace and calmness which brings warmth and relaxation, upon my cold and sore body.
I would get lost in this wondrous fortress, where tall trees and vibrant flowers grew and never fade. It is a wonderful chapter that has only begun, but has already amused my whole being.

I have hoped that it would never let go of my soul, a soul that has pledged to not ever abandon it.

It is all I wanted. And now that it is within my grasp, I will hold it until the end of my journey and of my life.

The mysteries and marvels of “Love” are all we need, like a drug that gives life, completes our souls and nurtures our heart with its awkward ways, the kind of awkward that is pretty nice and quiet desirable.

I found my drug in someone with a pure, noble and kind heart. Someone who never failed to mesmerize me all through out every encounter, and I succumb to her completely.


The Right Words to Write | To my Love

To my Love,                                                                                   June 25, 2014

First of all I would like to tell you that I was just writing whatever comes to mind, so this is as random as fuck. 🙂

Thank you, for accepting me, for trusting me and for caring for me. Thank you for spending time with me, making me smile and laugh. Thank you for being yourself when we are together. Without telling me, you have taught me the meaning of love. That love is kind; it is not cruel, that it is patient and gentle.

Having someone wherein weather in good times or in bad, still sees the greatness in what you have, someone who only submits compliments of beauty despite all your flaws, one who is always mesmerized and amazed regardless of your mistakes, somebody who understands and listens to your inner most difficulties, and a person that accepts you for who you really are is definitely a person who is worth everything.

You are beautiful, inside and out. Your simple ways have captured me. You are my sun and moon, my light. Those precious eyes and killer smiles are the things I see during a day dream. I feel the touch of your hair in the wind, and I can smell your scent in my shirt. Whenever you hold my hand, I feel some sort of comfort unlike any other. Your skill in the arts astounds me. Though you may have a morbid way of interpreting feelings, it truly is remarkable and can really be felt by your viewers. I wish to see you draw, and do the things you love. Your taste for music gave me a new interest. Those folk and indie pop rock music are definitely deep and could be heartwarming. I like hearing you sing, weather its acapella or with a guitar, in the streets or at your house, out loud or softly to my ear, the sound of your voice are like hugs for my ears. And even though I haven’t really read much of your writings, I believe that you could be really good at it. You could see things from a different depth, and give a much deeper meaning to the many aspects of life.

We both know that this was all unexpected. I have always been trying to predict the unexpected factors that the universe has to offer me, but having you in my life was one thing that I never saw coming, I can only be so grateful that we both fell in this path to share and cherish as we take it towards who knows where, what, and when.

Thank you for listening to me, regarding my problems with family, friends, work and other stuff, it has been very helpful to me. And for supporting me and the band by watching our gigs, and for being my fan girl, thank you very much. You gave me hope. In the midst of despair, you were there. You may not be aware of it, but you gave me a reason to live on. And because of it, I am eternally indebted to you.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me, the things that make you happy, things you like and want, the things that you hate or don’t like. Thank you for entrusting me with personal matters, with family, previous friends, at work and some other stuff. Thank you for being so cool at all times, it makes me feel real comfortable. And though you may be boyish at times (most of the time actually hehe) you are still a gorgeous woman to me, who has the world in her hands and is ready for whatever the world has to offer her.

I’ve said it all throughout this letter, and I’ll say it again, thank you for the Love Aljessa, and I Love You so much.

Yours always,