The Right Words to Write | Essential or not?

by iamralph21

What are the perks of walking down this road?
Is it worth to take, rather than those paved streets?
Was I looking at the right sky when I shouted “there are no clouds on sight”?

Are the pair of shoes I have, suitable for this journey?
Have I packed the right stuff? And even if I did, is it what I need?
Am I prepared for this?
Do I possess all that is required?

But what if nothing is ever needed in the first place?
What if all that is essential will be provided for me along the way?

Whatever luggage I have with me, weather big or small, necessary or unnecessary,
I believe that a free and uncluttered mind is the utmost requirement.
So I can comprehend whatever is laid in front of me.
For it might be all I need, not just for this trip, but for all eternity.