Weight off my shoulders

I’ve presented my work just the other day, and it’s nice to know that I was somehow on track. I did learned that I do nee d to plunge deeper when it comes to synthesizing my work, and that I need to look further into the future rather than just focusing on summarizing research studies for the sake of presenting.

Feedback is actually something that I’ve been waiting for from my superior a couple of weeks back. I was so stressed and worried that I might be working out of bounds, and that it will affect not only me in the future, but all the people involved in the project.

From this experience, I’ve learned to be more confident on my skills, and trust that things will fall in place if I work hard and do my best.

My colleagues are actually very encouraging regarding my work, and are always there to support me whenever I’m a bit lost.

All jobs, whether big or small, requires dedication and patience to achieve what is expected of you. For all you know, you could possibly be an asset for the company you work for even in the littlest thing you do.