Month: August, 2017

Kasama mo ako

Kasama mo ako
Ralph Lawrence Monserrate
(Para sa pinakakamamahal kong si Aljessa)

Di lahat nakakakita
ng kagandahan ng diwa
lalo na kung natabunan na ng sala.
Kahit paano kang magbago
punuin mo man ng pagsamo
matalim parin ang kanilang mga dila.

Ngunit wag kang malulungkot, tapalan ang kanilang puot
ng ngiti.
Hawakan mo aking kamay, galugarin natin ang buhay
at mga pisngi…

ng ulap,
at ating isulat,
mga hinaing sa mundo, oh ako ay kasama mo.
Ating imulat
mga mata at tanggaping lahat ay maaayos din
pagkat kasama mo ako

Alam ko na mahirap,
paksa ma’y ‘di mo mayakap,
ngunit tiwala ang kaylangan upang mahanap
ang ating inaasam
na hangin lang ang may alam
pagibig na ating pinapangarap.

Kaya’t wag kang malulungkot, kalimutan mo ang puot
at ngumiti.
Hawakan mo aking kamay, tayo ay maglalakbay.
Matutong magtiwala muli.

At sa ulap
natin isusulat
mga problema at gulo. Ako ay kasama mo.
Tayo’y mamumulat
at matututong tanggapig, lahat ay maaayos din.
Saan ka man mapadpad, ako ay lilipad.
Saan mang sulok ng mundo, asahang darating ako.
At kung maubos na ang oras, o ang buhay’  magwakas
kasama mo ako.


The Dream | A Romantic Endeavor

As someone who has gone through a couple of years into a relationship, I’ve experienced moments where I felt like my relationship with my partner is slowly deteriorating. I wouldn’t say we’re talking each other for granted, but more of expecting each other to always be available, hence not thinking about ways to strengthen the relationship any further.

I like to think that it is not a bad thing to settle with what we have, but this thought always leads to me thinking about the things I want for my partner. I want her to reach for her dreams, be able to do the thing she likes without any hesitations and remorse, and continue to grow as a person. And so I think to myself that “settling won’t make the cut”.

If I want something, I have to work for it. Yes, I want money. This is one of the main reasons I’m working 40 hours a week, but why money? There’s more than just buying new stuff, clothes, and other luxuries in life. It is for me to keep moving up in life, not just financially, but for self-worth. Because how would I help my partner achieve her goals if I myself am at halt with my life? I wouldn’t be able to share her struggles in moving forward, I wouldn’t understand her problems.

This is why I have to work hard. We work hard for the things we want, and I want to help her transcend.

I don’t want to see this unrecognized care escalate into completely taking her for granted, because to be honest, I felt like I was being taken for granted and no one wants that.

Just a few days ago, I had a struggle of bringing up a topic with my partner. A topic that I believed will lead to a week-long argument.  But as I brought it up, she answered very calmly, and seems to not care about it at all. As if her words were unconsciously telling me “do what you want, I don’t care”. Sure, I didn’t have to worry about the argument anymore because she’s OK with it. But it broke my heart just a tiny bit, the tiny kind that leads to the worst cracks. With no exaggeration, I immediately saw our “real break-up” coming forward.

But, as I was just about to break down, She sees the pain in my eyes and told me why she seem to have abruptly approved with the issue I brought up. She already knew about the topic I brought up a day ahead, and was just waiting for me to tell it to her. She was waiting for me to say it. She knew that I had problems with sharing my trials with her, and she helped me overcome it by letting me handle it without even telling me. Then it hit me… This girl loves me. She helps me grow as a person who is in control of his emotions. She wants me to grow. And I believe that that is true love.

I’ve never thought that someone, besides my family, would want something better for me, someone who works hard to help me achieve my goals.

Of course, this is not the only time and/or situation where I felt her unconditional love for me. I just wanted to share this beautiful situation to everyone who might be feeling left out.

Maybe we aren’t really being taken for granted, maybe they love us and that they are actually focused on us. Secretly helping us and watching us grow, because after all, it’s their goal. You are their goal.

I am grateful that I have a partner who truly loves me. And because of that, I am dedicated to making sure she doesn’t feel left out. After all, she is my dream. And I can’t wait to see my dream soar, and come true right before my eyes.